How to cope with lack of resources for terminology management?

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5 thoughts on “How to cope with lack of resources for terminology management?

    • Hello Dante, many thanks for reaching out to us! For you as a professional translator, it will be quite easy to become a terminology professional: You just need to join us for one of our terminology tranings to qualify as ECQA Certified Terminology Manager. I would recommend to start with the basic level – or join us at our great Terminology Summer School in Cologne, from 10-14 July 2017 ( Have a look at our webpage with all the trainings available:
      Hope this was helpful,
      All the best, hope to meet you soon at one of our trainings,
      Happy Easter,

      • Hi Gabriele,
        I would like to ask you a few more question in order to make a decision to start my training on-line on the basic course:
        1. How could I qualify to enroll on the course as a student?
        2. How does the course in engineering fit in the overall training and when should it be done?
        3. Could you write me the program of training to become a full ECQA Certified Terminology Manager?
        4. Could you give me some links to get more information on the present market for this profession and tips to apply on it?

  1. Hi Dante, many thanks for your questions and your interest in our qualification and certification! Let us have a skype chat to discuss them in detail. The program and links will be sent to you via e-mail. Have a great day, Best, Gabriele

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